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The following pages are my humble attempt to better understand my lineage and learn some of the family stories that have been lost in the telling... I hope you find some excitement in the following pages and if you have something to add, it is warmly welcomed. I have traveled the US and to Germany in search of some of this history and plan on traveling further from home hoping to discover ever more. If I find you along the path let's take time to share some lemonade and stories that can add to your and my enjoyment of knowing who we are and where we come from. I fondly refer to this research as "World Peace, Family Style" as I firmly believe that if we spent a little more time getting to know each other we'd better understand how closely we are connected.

How all this research began-?

This project began thanks to my Mother and Brother. It was at my Brother's request and curiosity that my Mother took the initiative from to go down to the National Archives in Washington D.C. and find the information that launched this family history project. All of my life I had believed I was of English descent (which through the Bedford line I am), little did we know that our Drakes' came from Germany, Oesdorff and Falkenhagen, Germany to be exact. Henry Drake and his family migrated on the Brig Neptune to New York in 1834 and then passed through Pennsylvania and Cincinnati, Ohio as well as Aurora, Indiana before finally settling in Dayton, Ohio in the year 1849.


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